FYASEC Privacy Tool

Complete management tool for the Data Protection Officer of any organisation.

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An effective solution to manage the data processing that your organisation is responsible and supporting the Data Protection Officer.

Registered companies
Registered Data Processing
Risk analysis performed


Easily register the data processing that your organization is controller or processor.

Data Processing Analysis risks are implemented throught a questions form method. You will obtain a score to help you decide if it is necessary to carry out a PIA.

In case of needed an impact assessment, you will get the probability of risk and impact of threats affecting the data processing.

Download executed analysis reports. Log and track security breaches, collect information from your service providers, create a catalog of security measures for your organization’s systems and much more…

What are your minimum requirements?

Being a web application, it is accessible from anywhere and only requires a computer connected to the Internet.

Where is my business data stored?

Your information is hosted on our servers, with data encryption and daily backups to prevent loss of information.

Do I have assistance in case of any problem?

The application has a help center and user manual that can be consulted at any time. In addition, our support technicians will solve all your queries.


Records of processing activities

Manage processing activites that your organisation is responsible.

Risk analysis

Analyse the processing activities to determine if a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is necessary.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Identify the threats and get the necessary actions to reduce the risk.

Document management

Upload, save or download all your organisation’s data protection documentation.

Report generator

Download all SPD generated reports in Word, Exel or PDF.

Security breach notification

Manage your organization’s security breaches.

Records of service providers

Store information from your organisation’s service providers.

Security of processing

Catalogue of security measures required and assessed for the different environments and systems of your organisation.


Data rigths management

Register and manage all requests of user’s data protection rights.

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