Disaster Recovery Plan Support Software

Tool to assist in the recovery of the company’s IT assets in the event of disaster.

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We provide you with a tool that supports the company’s Disaster Recovery Plan, allowing system administrators to determine the steps neccesary in order to recover the organization’s IT assets and keep track of the recovery in case of disaster.


List all your organization’s IT assets and link them to potential disasters and the level of risk involved.

Add recovery teams in charge of executing the steps and tasks to return the assets to their original status in case of disaster and their behavior is affected.

When a disaster happens, you can quickly declare it and the system will automatically generate everything necessary to start recovering the assets that may have been affected, at the same time notifying the actors in charge of the recovery of each one.

Control the recovery of assets at any time. Assign recovery tasks to different agents in case they are not available to carry out the recovery. Mark as unrecoverable the assets that cannot be recovered and must be replaced.

What are your minimum requirements?

Being a web application, it is accessible from anywhere and only requires a device connected to the Internet.

Where is my business data stored?

Your information is hosted on our servers, with data encryption and daily backups to prevent information loss.

Do I have assistance in case of any problem?

The application includes a help center and user manual that can be checked at any time. In addition, our support team will solve all your queries.


Disaster management

Allows you to declare disasters and track them during the IT asset recovery process.

Business configuration

It allows to create a list of the organization’s IT assets, as well as the recovery teams.

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