All-in-one Compliance software

Evaluate your organisation’s compliance status with the different regulations that may affect it

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With our solution you will be able to control the compliance status of all the regulations that affect your company, as well as assign responsibilities to your department members so that compliance is achieved effectively.

Registered companies
Controls applied
Avoided sanctions


Select from the regulations drafted by our legal team and made available to you or create your own customized regulations, removing or adding the controls that directly affect your organization.

Create the structure of your company: generating the departments that make it up, assigning the manager of each department who is responsible for control compliance and members who must perform the necessary tasks to comply with regulatory controls.

Assign controls to each department and decide who is  responsible for control compliance checking the evidence provided in each control.

From the dashboard, you can check the compliance status of each individual regulation and control, obtain real-time graphs of compliance and take action where necessary.

What are your minimum requirements?

Being a web application, it is accessible from anywhere and only requires a device connected to the Internet.

Where is my business data stored?

Your information is hosted on our servers, with data encryption and daily backups to prevent information loss.

Do I have assistance in case of any problem?

The application includes a help center and user manual that can be checked at any time. In addition, our support team will solve all your queries.


Regulatory identification

You can check regulations, select those that affect your organisation and modify them or create new ones.

Risk analysis

It allows to store and check the risk analysis obtained from the processing of personal data generated in SPD web app.

Departments and users

You can manage your departments and the employees in them.


It allows running and correcting the questionnaires, as well as providing evidence for compliance with regulations.


You can access the dashboard where a real-time summary of your company’s compliance level is displayed.

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