Keep your company’s information secure

We work to keep the personal data stored in your company safe from attacks and threats

  • We analyse the risks and responsabilities of your organization processing personal data.

  • We develop a Data Protection Impact Assessment (PIA) to identify threats and provide you with the necessary actions to reduce the risk.

  • We analyze the technical vulnerabilities of the systems where the information is stored.

  • We advise you on how to act in the event of a security breach and how to notify the Supervisory Authority.

Avoid penalties

We ensure that your company complies with all the regulations that affect it in terms of data protection and information security.

  • We evaluate the status of your organization with regards to legal regulations and implement them for proper compliance.

  • We carry out the required legal texts for compliance with the GDPR (security policies, clauses, contracts, etc.).

  • We conduct reports adapted to your company on technical security measures.

Digitise your business

Through our digital transformation services we help you get the most out of your business by following the right steps.

  • Take advantage of the Cloud and keep your information safe with Microsoft 365 tools.

  • We modernize or develop your website if you don’t have one yet to give visibility to your business on the internet.

  • We develop custom applications to satisfy any recuest or bussiness idea you might have.

  • All our services have technical support to resolve any incident or query.


Why should my company comply with the GDPR?2021-08-13T11:27:11+01:00

Nowadays, almost all companies are dealing with personal data, whether from their customers, partners, patients or their own employees. Since the implementation of the European Data Protection Regulations in 2018, companies are responsible to comply with the GDPR. From now on they must adapt the way they handle user’s personal information to that regulations. If the company fails in adjusting its policies it may incur in heavy penalties.

Is the Cloud a safe place to store my business information?2021-08-13T11:28:10+01:00

Keeping their information stored safe in the cloud is one of the main concerns of the companies that have taken the step towards digital business transformation. In most cases, the cloud is a very secure service that offers numerous advantages for companies. However, it is not exempt from certain risks due to bad practices during use or the implementation of an inadequate security policy, therefore it is necessary to take into account the advice of information security experts that work to make sure that it is safe to use.

Why should I include a cookie policy on my website?2021-08-13T11:29:16+01:00

GDPR establishes that it is necessary to inform the visitors of our website about the cookies that are active, what user data they track, for what purpose and to which part of the world this data is sent. Likewise, it gives the website visitor the right to accept or reject those cookies that are not strictly necessary for browsing or those that do not belong to a service explicitly requested by the user. Also it is mandatory to provide a small explanation of how to reject cookies from our website, no metter what browser the user uses.

Why my company needs to invest in cybersecurity?2021-08-13T11:30:32+01:00

The 2017 European Union report indicated that in certain countries cybercrime exceeded 50% of all crimes and 80% of companies had been victims of at least one attack of this type. It is not only necessary for GDPR compliance, but also to minimize the impact of incidents that can cause significant damage to both the entities and the individuals affected.


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Fyasec is a company lead by experts at information security and at offering consultingand digitalization services to its customers to provide maximum benefits.

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Our mission is to minimise the risks that put information systems in danger and to advise our clients on how to take advantage of digital technologies.

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Our vision of security and the continuous innovation of our solutions are a decisive factor that has allowed us to add value to the quality of our work.

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Complete online management tool for the data protection officer of any entity.

  • Records of processing activities.

  • Risk analysis.

  • Privacy Impact Assessments.

  • Report generator.

  • Security breach notification.

  • Security of processing.

  • Records of service providers.

  • Data Rigths Management.

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